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Solution for Hospitals – Hand Hygiene Compliance.

NestingBits collaborated with St John’s Research Institute, Bangalore and developed and implemented a futuristic solution to monitor and encourage the hand hygiene compliance in  Intensive Care Unit(ICU) of St John’s Hospital, Bangalore. The solution offers tracking the movement of the health care staff, doctors and visitors and the usage of  the hand sanitizers using RFID card, RF reader, sensor based sanitizers and a cloud application.


Technology used

  • RFID receiver
  • RFID cards
  • Motion sensors
  • Cloud based Java application


  • Help in automating the Hand Hygiene compliance
  • Easy implementation depending on number of patient beds
  • Easy monitoring and report genertion using a centralized web interface

Reviewer’s comments

  • “Very good to excellent proposal, aiming at evaluating healthcare associated infections with hand hygiene”
  • “The concept is exciting”
  • “I would favor ranking this application in the top range because of innovation
    and potential impact”

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