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Healthcare Diagnostic App.

Project Description

A promising IT company specializing in healthcare diagnostics approached NestingBits to build an iOT based healthcare solution

About the client

NestingBits client, uberDiagnsotics is a leading disruptive healthcare diagnostics company that is making healthcare delivery more efficient.They are headquartered in Singapore and have their operations in India and Canada.

Business Scenario

Client needed a portable, lightweight  solution to capture electrocardiogram and heart rate from a human subject on the go. They also wanted data mirroring so that this crucial data is uniform by all consuming applications and the storage device.

NestingBits Solution

NestingBits took a phased approach to implement the futuristic solution and finally built  a bipolar, lightweight, portable wireless heart monitor built on Android and Cloud based architecture for remote monitoring and supports auto signal interpretation. It is capable of converting the Android based smartphone to a cardiac signal study device. The connection between Signal Acquisition Machine (SAM) and Android smartphone or tablet is wireless through Bluetooth. It provides high quality electrocardiogram with capabilities of data sync and patient details to Cloud providing easy and remote access to the acquired signals. It operates on rechargeable battery avoiding any AC line noise to the signal.


Based on our solution, company raised funds and is now on the way of commercializing the product.

Project Details

  • Client uberDiagnostics
  • Date June 13, 2015
  • Tags Android Development, Product Co Development
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