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Healthcare Solution.

Project Description

NestingBits got an opportunity to receive a grant award for Grand Challenges in TB Control to build an innovative solution to assist TB control by focusing on TB treatment adherence.

About the Grant

Grand Challenges in TB Control is an IKP Knowledge Park initiative in partnership with USAID and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to identify, nurture and empower innovative ideas for TB control.

Business Scenario

TB is a serious public health problem causing immense morbidity, mortality and distress to
individuals, families and communities. TB kills more adults in India than any other infectious
disease.In India, an estimated 2.76 lakh deaths occur from TB every year.

NestingBits Solution

NestingBits researched and studied the possible eminent solution and provided a technology driven solution to assist TB control by focusing on timely treatment and cost of monitoring the patient to be minimum.

The solution has four major modules

  1. Patient identification and registration
  2. Mobile Applications, SMS and CureBox
  3. Cloud based central database with browser based user interface and web services
  4. Patient monitoring

TB patients are registered through Internet browser based interface linked to application on cloud. The healthcare institute and the staff members are also registered to the cloud application.

The patient is assigned a light weight pillbox(CureBox) which has electronics circuitry. The CureBox hardware sends a signal to the server every time the box is activated. SMS are sent to the patient’s mobile number from the cloud application if the routine is not followed and a buzzer alarm in the hardware also alerts the patient to consume the pill.


The pilot was successfully completed for 11 patients in RNTCP DOTS center in Dasappa TB Unit at Srirampura Maternity Hospital, Bangalore and in DOTS center in Cox Town TB Unit, Bangalore and in St John’s Hospital, Bangalore.

Average rating provided by healthcare workers was

Better form of treatment 8.6/10
Ease of usage 10/10

Government of India, Central TB Division had approved the project and the novel concept. NestingBits is now aiming for a world wide launch in another six months.



Project Details

  • Date June 15, 2015
  • Tags Product Co Development
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