Enterprise App.

Project Description

One of the largest logistics company operating in South East Asia partnered with
NestingBits Technologies to build an enterprise application.

Business Scenario

NestingBits client, focused on the logistics domain, have operations span all across India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Myanmar, Vietnam, Mauritius, Madagascar, Qatar, Kuwait, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan, and Nigeria. It wanted to create mobile interface on smart phones, which would allow its retailers to view the details of consignment, its status and other essential details instantly. The company also wished to provide consignment status change alerts to its users.

NestingBits Solution

NestingBits studied the eminent technologies and solutions available and
implemented an enterprise application by adopting agile methodology which works
both in online and offline mode through client-server architecture.
The application supports both local WiFi and GPRS control and

A complex alert system was introduced to set alerts for one or
more specific consignment.

Push notification servers were integrated for all the platforms through
which customer can send alerts and general notifications to any or all
of its users based on alert settings.


  • Android
  • iOS
  • BlackBerry


  • Native Application Development
  • Push Notification for Apple, BlackBerry and Android


  • English

Key Benefits

NestingBits implemented the enterprise mobility solution through which the company could provide its users with the following abilities

  1. Retailers are able to access the consignment status as soon as they are published by the company
  2. Retailers are able to receive alerts dynamically as the status of the consignment changes.

Overall, customer’s retailers are able to access the application on the go which resulted in yearly 10% more sales for them.

Project Details

  • Date June 5, 2015
  • Tags Product Co Development

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