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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I hire a full time developer?

Yes, you can have a developer or a team of developers who will be working 160 hours in a month for your project.

What are the technologies on which you work?

We work on the following tools and technologies

IDE : Eclipse
Programming Language : Java
Database : SQLite
Webservices: XML, JSON, REST API

IDE: Xcode
Programming Language: Objective C, Swift
Database: SQLite
Webservices: XML, JSON, REST API

Web Application Development
Programming Language: – Java, HTML5, JQuery, AJAX
CMS : Alfresco, WordPress4.0
Framework: – Struts2, Hibernate
Database: MySQL, Oracle
Websevices: XML, JSON, REST API

Cloud Computing
Microsoft Azure
Amazon web services

How do I monitor the progress of the project development ?

We use latest collaborative tools to manage our projects and share timesheet reports so that you are aware of the efforts and progress made towards the project goals.

What are your office working hours ?

We work from Monday to Friday from 9:30 am IST till 7 pm IST.

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